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"MomLife Mastery" Your Roadmap to

Manage Work, Parenting, and Stress-Free Life!

“Hey Busy Moms! Feeling like there’s never enough time in the day? Craving a life where career growth and family happiness go hand in hand?”

What if I tell you that there’s a way to balance work, parenting, and personal life without the constant struggle? Dive into our free webinar to find out how!

Your unique needs are at the heart of our Approach.

Your unique needs are at the heart of our Approach.

Act now! Limited-time opportunity

Your unique needs are at the heart of our approach.

Act now! Limited-time opportunity

What makes this workshop important for you?

A life where confidence replaces guilt, cherished moments replace FOMO, and balancing work and life is a breeze. Imagine enjoying stress-free quality time with your little one and partner. Sounds good?

Introducing: "MOM LIFE MASTERY"

This isn't your run-of-the-mill coaching. It's a personalized, transformative journey designed especially for working moms with toddlers.

This workshop is more than just a roadmap; it's your guide to unlocking the secrets of a successful and fulfilling mom life. Discover simple steps to manage everything with ease. Our goal is to relieve your worries and help you find balance and fulfillment in your busy life as a working mom.

Holistic Approach With Work Life Balance Coach

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What Are Others Saying?

It was an amazing experience working with Snehal Ma'am. She is supportive, understanding and encouraging at the same time. Being a working mom and having 1 year daughter, she helped me overcome my limiting mindset and understand my issues properly to help meet my happy self!


Currently I am in Uk. I was struggling to find my identity n was feeling very low in confidence. One of my friend told me about Snehal and I started taking her sessions.I can't tell you how amazing this process has been for me. I wake up grateful everyday with a big smile on my face. I really have found our coaching sessions very helpful. I have to thank you for helping me find my way back to balance life. Thanks for making the world a better place. Thank you so much Snehal Mahajan..!

- Dhanashri

I have received Snehal's reference from one of my close friend. Then I visited her website and contacted her. She is a Gem. I took her sessions. In each session, I learned a new techniques that actually changed my perception to look at things and people around me. With her techniques, I started looking at life with gratitude. Before sessions, I used to crib about my past but now I am looking forward. I am more determined for my goals. Thank you for your guidance and I deeply value it.


I took coaching from Snehal Mahajan, was a bit hesitant but she made me comfortable and my sessions went well. She is a coach who understands your issues and gives sessions as per you needs and requirements. Very approachable, patient and calming. I have become very positive and emotionally a stronger person. I am able to manage my anxiety and fears of being a working mom very well now with the teachings of Snehal. I thank her for all her support and patience. Thank you Snehal 😊🙏🏻


I was a bit skeptical about getting coached, it being my first time, but Snehal ma'am made it so easy. She is well equipped with the techniques to deal with a variety of issues. I've felt I've become more confident since I started doing her sessions and i could feel myself and my perspectives changing in a more positive manner. To anyone looking to improve their way of looking at life and working on themselves and their goals, I'd highly recommend this amazing program.

- Rajvi

Who's This For? If You're Feeling...🤔

If any of these resonate with you, this Workshop is your starting point toward a more balanced and fulfilling mom life.

🤔 Experienced These Challenges? See If They Resonate With You. Your Answer Is Just A Step Away.

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Get tricks to help manage time better.

Stress happens, but it doesn’t have to control your life. Learn simple ways to dial it down

Mom’s guilt is real, but you don’t have to carry it all. Get strategies to manage that guilt and feel lighter.

Balancing a career and mom duties is like a juggling act. Let’s find ways to make it a smoother ride

Juggling work and parenting making you anxious? Discover ways to effectively manage your time, meet deadlines, and still have quality family moments.

  • Constant waking up at night for toddlers can leave you tired and worried. Learn tips to help you and your little one sleep better.

Worried about giving enough attention to your toddlers? Let’s tackle the guilt and ease the strain of trying to do it all.

Wondering if you’re doing enough for your well-being? Let’s explore self-care practices that fit into your busy life.

Balancing family and partner needs can be tricky. We’re here to help you strengthen your connection and manage the twists and turns

In the "MomLife Mastery" Workshop, we address these challenges head-on. By offering support and guidance, Let's simplify and make your mom's life happier together

Say Goodbye to Overwhelm: Manage Work, Parenting, and Life Stress-Free!

Unlock Your Balanced Mom Life

Meet your Work life Balance Coach

Welcome to your transformative journey with

- Snehal Mahajan

I’m Snehal Mahajan, I have worked in the corporate world for over 10 years. When I went back to work after having my son, who was just 5 months old at the time, it was tough. I felt guilty about being away and worried about missing out on his milestones. The stress even led to health issues like migraines. Luckily, my family and husband supported me, but the mommy guilt and frustration lingered. After a decade, I decided to quit my job to find a better balance between work and family.

Now, I see many of my friends going through the same struggles. So, I created a program to help working moms with toddlers or preschool kids. I want them to avoid the guilt and frustration I faced. You don’t have to quit your job to have a good work-life balance. Financial independence is crucial for women today, and my program is designed to make it all work. Let’s make your journey easier together!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A. the workshop will be LIVE

A. The workshop will be conducted in Hindi, and English ‘’both’’

A. Have a notepad and pen handy for notes, and ensure a stable internet connection for smooth participation.

A. The workshop encourages interaction. Feel free to ask questions and engage in discussions.

A. The workshop is expected to last 90 min, so plan accordingly for an enriching experience.