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My Journey

From zero milestone to reaching a milestone

Amit, my husband, and my in-laws were supportive in my decision to carve my own destiny, and then my milestone moment arrived as I landed a job with my dream company – IBM Software. Along with good family life, I had a promising career ahead as I started to work in Software Testing. Everything was just perfect and with the birth of my son, Vedant; my family now felt like a complete family. Happiness surrounded me from all sides and I was on cloud nine! Perfect family life and a dream job, I had it all. All I wanted now was to continue living like this forever.

Be as dynamic as life itself

Life is dynamic … it never has one constant for anyone and how could I be spared? One fine day, the scenario changed. I had to get myself relocated to UK (Swindon) for a project. It was an onsite opportunity that could boost my career, but at the cost of my beautiful family life that I was having. My son was one year old and needed me as much as I needed him. I was caught in a dilemma. But then, it is not just life that is dynamic, so are you, isn’t it? It was not possible for my husband to accompany me owing to his professional commitments and my mother in law was not keeping well. But this was not a time to go weak as I had people who always supported me. My Mom came to the rescue and she decided to live with me and my son in the UK. Thus, my life took a flight to a new destination, to a new high.

Difficult choices, clear solutions

Returning back to India post the successful completion of the project, I was rewarded and awarded. Now I had IBM’s esteemed Fortune, 500 clients, to serve! I enjoyed every bit of my professional life for exactly a decade strengthening my foundation. Once again, a new challenge was staring at me as my son now needed more of my attention. He was blessed with a fertile brain and was doing great at academics. Feeling that guilt of not being with my son when he needed me made me take a decision that could change the course of our lives. I left my professional life and chose my family life. It was the best decision that I had ever made in my life. Not only my life improved, but I could see significant changes in my son. It was not just about his improved academic performance but about the development of his emotional intelligence.

Arriving at my destination

With my son becoming independent, the focus was back on my professional life. But this time, I did not make a Resume to get a job…. I chose to resume my professional life as an entrepreneur instead! This chosen work of mine made me interact with lots of people from varied backgrounds. Here is where I found my destiny and destination.
With the passing time, more and more people were approaching me for counseling with the aim of finding a way out of their life’s problems.
Never before had I felt so much happiness inside. I was able to help people with their issues and that triggered my desire to be a life coach. To fine-tune my skills or god’s gift, I took training from the best coaches and thus became a professional life coach. I had arrived at my destination, and so will you….. Welcome to a Fab-U.

Experience/ Certificate


NLP Practitioner

Train the Trainer program Training & Certificate- Life by Design

Coaching Mastery Training & Certification- Life by Design

Marketing Mastery Training & Certification- Life by Design

Divapreneur by Design Course & Certificate- Life by Design

Career Coaching Training & Certification- Holistic Coach Academy

Worked in IBM India Pvt Ltd for 10+ years as a Test Lead

Software Testing related Training and Certification

Bachelores of Engineering in Electrical from Nagpur University