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Gratitude – True Secret Of Happiness
“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”
Today I am going to share a secret of Gratitude Ritual with you all.
“Gratitude” – this word sounds so simple but do you know how powerful it is when you use it in your daily life? It has the power to attract abundance in your life. It has the power to change your thought process from negative to positive.
We do so many rituals in our life. Some of you do morning rituals, some do evening rituals. But have you ever did Gratitude Ritual?
Recently I introduced Gratitude rituals with other rituals in my life. I was not aware of the science behind the Gratitude ritual. But when I started writing my Gratitude journal, I came to know the power of the word “Gratitude”. I am grateful to God for everything which I have in my life. I have recently started writing Gratitude every day for every good thing that happens in my life. I am surprised to see that I am getting back so many good things from the universe that I cannot express in words. This really works!!
This is what you should do…
Stop for a while from your busy schedule, close your eyes, and be grateful for whatever good has happened to you to date – The people, the places, the experiences… all of it.
Remember that this day, this hour, will never come again. Take each moment as it comes and experiences the presence of joy in your life. You have a beautiful life which you should be grateful for.
I am grateful to God and you all for encouraging me to share my thoughts and experiences through this platform.
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Snehal Mahajan
Founder of FabU (Finding a Better You)