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Passionate Me…….
“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.”
This line came true for me. No matter where I was earlier but now my passion becomes my purpose of life and also I converted it into my profession.
The word passion itself is so fascinating and energetic. When you heard the word passion, what comes in your mind first? A deep desire to do something which you like or your dream which you want to follow. Whatever it may be, you can live your life with passion. If you don’t have passion, your life becomes stale and not that much exciting. So live your with full of energy.
I know many of you have at least one passion within you. In your childhood you had dreamed for becoming something when you grew up and that was your greatest desire. But when you grew up, you forgot that desire may be due to other priorities which came to you or may be thinking that what people will say if I follow my passion or the passion/desire which I had is not possible to achieve or feeling selfish by following your passion. If you had such questions then you are wrong. There is no harm in following your passion. In fact if you start following your passion, you will be more productive and satisfied of doing something which you like to do from your heart. There are so many successful people who followed their passion and became successful -like Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Sudha Murthy, Oprah Winfrey and the list is countless.
Since long I was also struggling to find my passion. If anyone asked me what your passion is, I could not express and I started thinking what I should tell. Due to my busy work life, I had no time to think about my passion. But recently I got time to think on it and finally I found my passion. I did the passion test and the result was amazing which I never think of. Because of that passion test I realised that I have the potential to help people by knowing their problems and solving it in a very friendly manner and with ease. So I decided to become a Life Coach and enjoying my passion every day.
If you are confused or struggling to know about your passion and want to follow it, feel free to reach out to me. I am always there to serve you.

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